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Water level management for infinity pools

  • Performance
  • Reliability


Control the water level and filling of infinity pool
The BULLEUR ensures a constant and precise water level for overflow pools.
Measures the water height to the nearest centimeter for all types of balancing tanks.

Unique technology
To create BULLEUR REGUL’Électronique has developed a unique technology :
Precise calculation of the water level using pressure measurement, without electrical contact.

No operation in the balancing tank
Without probe, float or metal rod, the BULLEUR installed in the plant room is connected to the balancing tank by a simple air tube, it is thus impervious to corrosion.
Settings directly from the unit without any intervention required in the balancing tank.


A way to avoid overuse of water
• Fill safety system avoids overconsumption of water in the event of an error.

Simple and precise display
• LCD screen.
• Display of current function.
• Balancing tank level display.


All our devices are tested and validated at each step of the manufacturing process. Each device has a unique serial number to assure traceability. REGUL’Électronique guarantees its devices and pledges the best after sales service.

Technical data sheet

  • Power supply240 V~
  • Power consumption10 W
  • Fuse protectionYes
  • EquipementManagement the continuous overflow
  • Dimensions (LxHxD)197 x 265 x 100 mm
  • CaseIP65

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