Terms and conditions of sale


- Prices and information in the catalogs, prospectuses and prices do not bind the seller, who reserves the right to make any changes in the layout, function, shape, size or material of its devices.
- The seller is not bound by the commitments made by its representatives or employees subject to confirmation by itself. The supply includes exactly and only the material specified in the quote, and acceptance of tenders also implies adherence to present conditions.
- The sales contract is subject to the express acceptance of the buyer's order by the seller. - These Terms and Conditions are accessible at any time on the website regul.fr. The Customer declares to have read these General Conditions and to have accepted them by ticking the box provided for this purpose in the implementation of the ordering procedure of the Products. These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time, the applicable version is the one in effect on the Site at the date of placing the order.


- It is imperative that the customer send us the order marked with the desired delivery date.
- Delivery time for in-stock items :
• Metropolitan France and Corsica: one day in addition to the transportation time (48 to 72 hours)
• Europe : one day in addition to the transportation time (indicative deadlines from 2 to 6 working days - excluding customs delays) depending on the country of destination.
- The deadlines given are for material leaving the factory, they are an indication and are not binding.
- We don't accept any penalty for late delivery.
- The company is free of its obligation in any case for unforeseen or force majeure (lockout, strike, epidemic, War, fire, flood, interruption or delay in transport, etc...).
- The company is released, as of right, from any commitment relating to delivery times in the event that the terms of payment have not been observed by the buyer.


- Our prices are listed excluding tax packing included, dispatched from our factory.
- Our prices can be revised at any time without notice according to the prices of the product's components.
- For countries outside the euro zone, bank charges and repatriation fees are to be borne by the customer. If this is not the case, these fees will be billed again.
- Free shipping is applied above 750 € before tax for shipments in metropolitan France and Corsica.


- Out of warranty service will only be performed for account customers.
- No material should be returned without prior notice and agreement by the company.
- In case of agreement on our part, the material must must be returned freight prepaid.


- Payment at the time of ordering is required for a first order.
- Payment terms are defined at the opening of account with the sales department.
- Any payment made later than the date shown on an invoice will result, without prior notice, in the application of penalties.
- The amount of penalties incurred will be at least equal to one and a half times the rate of legal interest.
- Any late payment will cause account to be blocked, a return to payment being required with new orders, or even the closing of the customer account.


- CUSTOMER : is considered as any pool professional, distributor or reseller specialized in swimming pool items.
- CONSUMER : a natural person who acts outside of any professional activity to procure or use a property in order to satisfy his personal or family needs.
- SIGFOX : refers to the company SIGFOX, a public limited company with a Board of Directors with capital of 752,562 euros, having its registered office at 425 Rue Jean Rostand, Labège (31670), registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Toulouse under the number 514 582 444. This company offers international cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things, entirely dedicated to low-speed communications derived from an infrastructure of antennas and base stations completely independent of existing networks, such as telecommunications networks and used in the context of the operation of the product marketed by REGUL'Electronique.
- IDOit CONNECT: refers to the IDOit Connect connected object marketed by the company REGUL'Electronique, which once installed as a water treatment system of a swimming pool analyzes the pool water data and delivers different types information.
The use of IDOit Connect requires the registration and free use of a web interface that requires an internet connection.
• Regul'Electronique can not assume the costs of connecting to the necessary internet network, and in general, any communication costs incurred by the access to the web interface and the associated service for the customer and the consumer.
• The use of IDOit Connect requires Sigfox network access. Verification of Sigfox network coverage is the responsibility of the Customer. This one agrees to check the coverage of the place of installation of the IDOit Connect before the purchase. The company REGUL'Electronique can not be blamed for any failure due to the technological limits of antennas and GPS satellite signals and the Sigfox network.
We provide our sales teams and information on www.regul.fr to determine the areas of coverage.
The company REGUL'Electronique can not be held responsible for variations in the rate of coverage at the place of use of IDOit Connect, bad reception due to the environment of the pool after delivery of the product.
Anyone who buys IDOit Connect declares to be aware of its functional and technical characteristics detailed on the website regul.fr, in particular because IDOit Connect only works with its associated web interface and subject to sufficient coverage of the Sigfox network.


- The goods covered by this contract are sold subject to retention of title (Law of 12.05.80): the transfer of ownership is subject to full payment of the price by the due date, the seller will repossess the goods of which he remains the owner and may at his discretion, terminate the contract by simple registered letter addressed to the buyer.


- Devices always travel at the customer's risk, therefore it is up to the customer, before taking delivery of the device, to check that it is in perfect condition and if necessary make reservations on the waybill. Our responsibility cannot be engaged in this regard.
- The return transport of goods to our after-sales department is at the customer's charge. In the case of repair under the warranty, our company will make the return at its charge.


- Unless otherwise specified, our electrolysis equipment and cells have a three-year warranty from the date of delivery or availability.
- pH probes have a guarantee for one year.
- All so-called wear parts (cell plasma, batteries, joints, valves, pump membranes, etc.) are excluded from the warranty. This warranty is limited to products supplied by our company. It consists of the repair, by us in our workshops. The customer will have to prove manufacturing and material defects. The equipment must be returned to us postage paid. Costs of removal and transportation are excluded from warranty.
- In all cases, our responsibility is limited to replacement of defective parts, no compensation or damages may be claimed for material or bodily injury caused, or for deprivation of enjoyment of the device in case of repair.
- The guarantee is void if our equipment is modified outside our workshops.
- In the case of inappropriate treatments and adjustments, our responsibility cannot be engaged, notably in the case of corrosion, peeling or cracking paint linked to excessive conditions, chemical attacks or if the equipment been used in conditions that require it to operate at more demanding workloads than it was designed for.
- To benefit from the manufacturer's warranty, defective parts must be returned to us.
- If the customer wishes to receive the piece before returning the defective part to us, the following procedure will then be applied :
1) Shipping and billing of the replacement part.
2) Reception and inspection of the defective part by our after sales team.
3) Issuance of a partial or total credit corresponding to the piece, or confirmation of billing according to the results of inspection.
- In case the customer has not made the required payments by agreed dates, our warranty will be suspended until the payment of late installments, this suspension will not increase the warranty period from the day of delivery.


- Any dispute or litigation will be the sole responsibility of the (Tribunal de Commerce of Draguignan) Commercial Court of Draguignan (especially in the case of non-payment, even in the event of warranty claim or multiple defenders).


- We cannot be held responsible for a failure of result; the latter may come from too many causes beyond our control.


- In the event of an accident occurring at any time and for any reason whatsoever, our responsibility is strictly limited to supply and not to installation.