Guarantee3 Years


Regulation: pH and redox (or doser)


In order to control the balance and treatment of water as much as possible, the Combo allows you to combine two regulations of your choice :

pH regulation :
pH regulation is necessary for the correct balance of bathing water. It is essential for optimising pool treatment, whether by injecting chlorine products or treating salt water by electrolysis.

Redox regulation:
Essential for properly controlling the oxidation potential of pool water and thus perfecting treatment by injection of liquid chlorine.

Doser :
In dosing mode, the Combo injects a liquid (chlorine, anti-algae, flocculent, etc.) each time filtration starts.

Electrolyser control :
The Combo can also control your chlorinator: in this way, it will limit the chlorine production of your chlorinator when the "shutter is closed", avoiding any risk of over-chlorination and protecting your equipment (liner, shutter, etc.).

In addition to its control functions, Combo lets you :

- combine salt water chlorination treatment in summer with liquid chlorine injection treatment in winter, for all-season treatment.

- monitor and control your Combo remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer. To do this, simply connect the Combo to the Régul'Electronique box linked to your home's WiFi network.

- trigger the ON/OFF control of auxiliary equipment (e.g. remote control of a connected lighting system; start-up of a robot for 1 hour each time the Combo is switched on, etc.).

- automatically stop the injection pumps in response to a desired command (e.g. detection of the end of the correction fluid can using a sensor).


A comprehensive interface and simple navigation.

Display :
- simultaneous display of pH and redox (or dosage)
- numerical and/or graphical display of control progress

- multilingual (French, English, German, etc.)
Navigation :
- fluid and highly intuitive, simplifying commissioning, parameter setting and maintenance.

- single control knob


The Combo has been designed and manufactured in France by REGUL'ELECTRONIQUE, which has over 30 years' experience since 1989.
Each device, which is tested and validated before leaving the factory, is numbered to ensure that it can be traced.
REGUL'ELECTRONIQUE guarantees its equipment and provides after-sales service.

Technical data sheet

  • CaseIP65
  • Power consumption20 W
  • Power supply240 V~
  • Dimensions (LxHxD)265 x 197 x 100 mm

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