Double Phredo
Guarantee3 Years

Double Phredo

Multi-parameters ph and redox and doser

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Up to 100 m3


pH regulation :

pH is a determining factor for optimum water treatment efficiency. It is essential to optimize treatment with liquid chlorine or treatment with chlorine produced by electrolysis.


Redox control :

Controls chlorine production by measuring the redox potential to keep the water correctly disinfected and to protect equipment.

Dosing mode :

Product injection (disinfectant, retentive) at the start of each filtration cycle.


Double Phredo can also control an electrolyser’s chlorine production by measuring redox.

The unit limits over chlorination by reducing chlorine production when the cover is closed in order to protect the equipment (liner, shutter ...).


Simple and quick installation !

Double Phredo is deliver on a panel mounted, ready to install.


All our devices are tested and validated at each step of the manufacturing process. Each device has a unique serial number to assure traceability. REGUL’Électronique guarantees its devices and pledges the best after sales service.

Technical data sheet

  • PH functionYes (to be equipped with a pH probe)
  • Weight (Kg)2
  • Power supply240 V~
  • Power consumption10 W
  • Redox functionYes (to be equipped with a Redox probe)
  • PH measurementBy Prominent pH probe
  • Redox measurementBy Prominent ORP probe
  • Dosing modeYes

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