IDOit Connect
Guarantee3 Years

IDOit Connect

Latest generation salt electrolyser + Remote surveillance of the pool

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Up to 100 m3


IDOit Connect is an intelligent, latest generation salt electrolysis system. In addition to providing optimum water treatment, it measures, transmits and archives data concerning the water parameters and status of equipement  of a pool accessible via a simple web interface.

IDOit Connect is a smart and connected electrolyser, which collects and transmits a range of data relating to the water conditions and water treatment. This information is displayed in a simple web interface which can be accessed remotely using a web interface.

In the event of a problem an email or text alert is sent along with steps on how to resolve the issue.

Stay in control, even at a distance !


IDOit Connect uses SIGFOX, a network specifically designed for connected objects. 94% of the pools in France are covered.

Check your connection coverage



A constant production of chlorine even when conditions change.
Designed using precision technology, IDOit can adapt automatically to the essential parameters of the water.

Even when the temperature, salt level or state of the cell changes, IDOit automatically adapts to keep the production of chlorine constant without any additional adjustment.

Don't worry anymore about pH, IDOit automatically regulates pH  to maintain the ideal level.

Equipped with a TDS sensor, IDOit  measures and displays the quantity of salt to be added. This technology allows to expand cell life.

To ensure an optimal treatment, IDOit  has many functions : auto cleaning cell using polarity inversion, system remembers the polarity setting to preserve the life of the cell, reduced chlorine production when pool cover is closed in order to protect the equipment (liner, component ...) , 24 to 72 hour boost function, intuitive and comprehensive display (temperature display, quantity of salt to be added, pH...), automatic overwintering mode...

...Free yourself from the constraints of water treatment.


All our devices are tested and validated at each step of the manufacturing process. Each device has a unique serial number to assure traceability. REGUL’Électronique guarantees its devices and pledges the best after sales service.

Technical data sheet

Volume of treatment :
up to
100 m3 with CR20 cell (allow a margin of 20% depending on pool use and the climatic region of the pool).

  • EquipementSalt electrolysis
  • Capacity of treatment0 to 100m3
  • Transparent cellYes
  • Circulation detectionYes
  • Fuse protectionOui
  • Roller shutter functionYes
  • PH functionYes
  • Weight (Kg)1,4
  • Length of the cell280-330 mm
  • Power supply240 V~
  • Power consumption100 W
  • Temperature measurementYes
  • CaseIP65
  • Lifespan of cellMinimum 5000 hours
  • Maximum flow30 m3/h
  • PH measurementYes
  • Salt measurementYes
  • Production adjustment0 to 100 % - in steps of 1 %
  • Salt concentrationIdéal : 4 g/l

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