Guarantee3 Years


Water level management for spas and swimming pools with skimmers


Control the water level and filling of pool or spa
The NIVEAU ensures a constant and precise (40 mm adjustment) water level for pools with a skimmer and spas.

protection for equipment
• When the water level drops NIVEAU, opens a solenoid valve long enough for the pool to refill, avoiding any risk of hardware damage due to low water levels
• Essential for pools with roller shutter covers, the NIVEAU controls the water level which protects the cover.
• Non-contact water detection sensor avoids any damage related to corrosion, moisture and water quality.

A way to avoid overconsumption of water
• The filling safety system is programmable in 1, 2, 4 h steps in pool mode and 5, 10 and 15 min in spa mode.
• If the water level does not return into contact with the probe in the preset time, the failsafe system prohibits further addition of water. A warning light comes on to alert the user, and water leakage and overconsumption are avoided
• Warning light in the event of filling or probe error.


Anti-freeze function

• Anti-freeze feature activates the filtration to protect the pool as soon as the temperature drops below 3 °.


All our devices are tested and validated at each step of the manufacturing process. Each device has a unique serial number to assure traceability. REGUL’Électronique guarantees its devices and pledges the best after sales service.

Technical data sheet

  • Power supply240 V~
  • Fuse protectionYes
  • Power consumption10 W
  • CaseIP65
  • Dimensions (LxHxD)204 x 154 x 61 mm
  • Temperature measurementYes

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