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Master the elements : chlorine, pH, salt and temperature


Optimo, master the elements

For superior treatment the Optimo, equipped with an amperometric probe, is a dependable solution that guarantees unsurpassed water quality and increased hardware longevity.
- chlorine : it regulates the chlorine as accurately as possible to the level strictly necessary for the actual needs of the pool
- pH : it maintains the ideal pH and informs when the container is empty
- salt : it measures the salt concentration in the water and displays the amount of salt you need to add, it secures the electrolyser.
- temperature : it measures the temperature of the water, stop the electrolyser, including frost protection setting.



Full information display on LCD screen : chlorine level, pH level, stop or fonctionnement of the electrolyser (or of the pump), containers level, salt concentration, temperature ....)

Optimo strictly regulates chlorine to the amount necessary to disinfect the pool water. Thanks to its extremely precise measurement by amperometric probe and its display in ppm (mg/l), Optimo masters the treatment and controls the risk of over chlorination. An ideal solution for the treatment of interior pools and pools closed by any kind of covering.



All our devices are tested and validated at each step of the manufacturing process. Each device has a unique serial number to assure traceability. REGUL’Électronique guarantees its devices and pledges the best after sales service.

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