High performance uv sterilisation
UV-C has the highest UV reflectance on the market, which guarantees optimal efficiency. With 95% reflectance, amplifying the exposure of micro-organisms to UV, it provides powerful sterilisation, neutralising bacteria, viruses and fungi that traditional chemicals cannot.
- The E-PTFE reaction chamber is extremely repellent, maintaining UV reflectivity
- Up to 95% reflection amplifying the exposure of microorganisms to UV
- Powerful sterilisation and eliminates the smell of chlorine
- No harmful gases or by-products produced
- Equipped with intelligent lamp life indicator


Remanence requirement
UV treatment provides disinfected water when exposed to UV radiation, but requires the addition of a residual to ensure disinfectant water in the pool.
To achieve this, UV-C is :
- Compatible with one of our salt electrolysers
- Compatible with one of our redox controllers
- Compatible with our amperometric control

Technical data sheet

Two treatment capacities :
up to 55 m3 and up to 110m3.

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