Need to replace your electrolyser ? Economic and eco-responsible offer !

27 Mars 2020

Your REGUL’Electronique electrolyser has performed good and loyal services for several years.
It shows signs of weakness and is no longer repairable? Take advantage of our economical and eco-responsible offer to replace your box with the new Xsel and thus leave for long years in peace. 


Offer yourself novelty without wasting : with the Xsel unit, you only replace what is necessary, no more !


So you  :

- participate in an eco-responsible approach by avoiding waste

- save between 56% and 70% * compared to replacing a complete device



+ No need to replace the electrolysis cell

+ No need to replace accessories

The Xsel unit is easy to install, on existing fixings with the accessories in place, as well as the electrolysis cell.

While keeping your installation, you benefit from a state-of-the-art electrolyser.

This box is guaranteed for 1 year.


* depending on the model and excluding installation costs