Why choose a salt electrolyser for your pool ?

07 Novembre 2018

You have made the choice of a swimming pool for moments of pleasure : relaxation, swimming with family or friends, benefits of swimming... in a healthy water.

For this, your pool requires specific maintenance. In order to enjoy your pool without the constraints of water treatment, you can choose a salt electrolyser.


How does it work ?


The process is  simple.

After slightly salting the pool water, the cell will allow the separation of salt into sodium and chlorine.

The disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite, will allow a complete and efficient treatment of water.  It eliminates organic matter, bacteria, algae.

Thanks to the action of UV, the disinfectant disappears and is recombined back into salt.
The cycle can start again.


With a water treatment using salt, you just need salt. No more chlorine to buy, store or handle.

Otherwise, the slightly salty water has an agreeable taste, and it's more simple to float, that is great for young children.

So, to take advantage of this simple and efficient treatment, discover our range of salt electrolysers : IDOit and Xsel.